Implementing Your Long-Term Care CRM

Follow These 5 Simple Steps to Make Implementation a Breeze

When we designed MatrixCare Marketing Essentials, we had two goals in mind. Our first objective was to offer an inexpensive senior living CRM that included all the core functionality users would need to maximize occupancy, convert prospects to residents and measure staff performance. Our second objective was to make sure not only that implementation of our CRM was as easy as possible, but also that it was user-friendly for people of all experience levels – whether your senior living community is new to a CRM or you’re switching over from another solution.

Just how easy-to-use is the Essentials CRM? We’ll show you how to get up and running in 5 simple steps.

CRM Setup in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create a MatrixCare Client Portal Account

Your purchase of Essentials entitles you to exclusive access of our client portal where you’ll find all sorts of helpful information. From user guides, newsletters and tutorials to archived webinars and eLearning courses, the MatrixCare Client Portal is a treasure trove of useful resources to help you get the most out of your long-term care CRM.


Step 2: Complete the MatrixCare Marketing eLearning Course

Located within the client portal, we’ve prepared an eLearning course specifically to help new users learn the ropes of our senior living CRM software.


Step 3: Define Roles and Set Up Users

User configuration is quick and intuitive. Just enter the requested employee information and assign a role within the Essentials CRM software to determine who has access to what.


Step 4: Customize Your MatrixCare Marketing Essentials CRM

Your community. Your prospect data. Your MatrixCare Marketing Essentials. We make it easy to tailor your senior living CRM software to your specifications with a comprehensive workbook that helps determine how you’ll enter your customer data. You’ll be able to customize available selections for:

  • General demographics
  • Martial status
  • Relationship between prospect and primary contact
  • Market area
  • Lead source
  • And many more

Once you’re ready, the MatrixCare implementation team will upload everything at once, and you’ll be ready to start entering prospect data. Need to make a change? No problem. Your you can edit your custom drop-down lists at anytime.


Step 5: Enter Prospect Data into the System

Now it’s time to start entering prospect information into Essentials. Simply complete the data fields you specified in the previous step and you’ll have the prospect’s entire relationship with your senior living community right here at your fingertips. Going forward, you can make this step even easier by linking the lead forms on your website to the Essentials CRM software so that form data is automatically pulled in.

Essentials – Streamlined Senior Living Marketing from MatrixCare

We went to great lengths to ensure the Essentials CRM experience is as intuitive, user-friendly and as easy to implement as possible. However, should you need any assistance, you’ll have access to online customer support, eLearning and additional implementation webinars all geared toward one thing – helping your senior living community track and leverage critical marketing data to boost your census.

View our robust CRM demo to learn more, or request a contract to get started right away!